Because nature abounds in outstanding molecules, our scientists have taken the gamble of developing a line of anti-aging skincare products that are truly effective and certified organic. Thanks to an avant-garde research method and rigorous clinical studies, SYHA opens the era to a safer, cleaner cosmetology, without any compromise on efficacy.



SYHA's story begins in 2014, when Daniel Valtueña, a pharmaceutical entrepreneur, joins forces with Dr. Pascal Mayer, a specialist in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Together, they found the Alphanosos lab, with the ambition to develop new therapeutic solutions that integrate plants at the heart of the innovation process.


Artificial Intelligence reveals botanical power

Medicinal plants have been used since the dawn of time for their active ingredients. The exceptional molecules they contain give them a wide range of therapeutic activities. The combination of several plants tremendously increases their botanical power; but in practice, interactions may occur between the active ingredients of different plants, which make combinations very complicated.


Synherbs 4.5

To meet this challenge, Alphanosos has developed an innovative research methodology, assisted by artificial intelligence algorithms, to reveal plant synergies. Based on a library of more than 600 medicinal plants, this technology has made it possible to analyze more than a billion different combinations of plant mixtures. Experimental laboratory measurements, combined with the power of AI, have led to the discovery of several hundred exclusive mixtures of 2 to 20 plants. These combinations are covered by a wide patent and have multiple applications that go far beyond the pharmaceutical field.

Among them, the SYNHERBS 4.5 complex which has particularly interesting properties for cosmetic applications, due to its strong antioxidant power and its ability to regulate the growth of harmful bacteria and balance the skin’s microbiota.

In 2018, after a one-year incubation within Alphanosos, Laboratoires SYHA (SYnergistic Herbal cosmetics by Artificial intelligence) came into being with one single mission: to develop high-performance and certified organic skincare.



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