SYHA’s commitment is to ensure that each claim is validated in an impartial way by rigorous instrumental measurements, and not by self-assessment tests. These tests are carried out on volunteers (in vivo) whenever possible, or on skin tissues (ex vivo), when experimental conditions turn out to be aggressive for human health, such as exposure to pollution or blue light radiations.

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Exclusive to Laboratoires SYHA, the SYNHERBS 4.5 complex is a patented combination of 4 medicinal plants, selected for their synergistic properties. Developed within the scope of pharmacological research, this botanical complex regulates the growth of bacteria that are deleterious to the balance of skin microbiota, in addition to exceptional antioxidant activities. Taken together, these properties make it a great active ingredient to fight against environmental skin aging, induced by both pollution and blue light.


Artificial intelligence boosts innovation

SYHNERBS 4.5 was developed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

More than 600 medicinal plants were screened, and more than a billion combinations were analyzed using AI algorithms, to discover the most effective combinations and reveal the entire power of plants. SYHNERBS 4.5 was born from this novel approach. It was incorporated to each formula as a signature active ingredient from Laboratoires SYHA.



Each of our skincare formulas is concentrated in natural active ingredients, rigorously selected to moisturize, balance and regenerate the skin. They act synergistically on various biological functions impacted by environmental stress to provide global antiaging action.




Below, you will find all our efficacy tests and protocols, carried out in France by independent labs.

Smoothing – 3D Scanning

The smoothing power is measured in vivo, on volunteers, using a 3D fringe projection-scanning technique. This technology provides a 3D mapping of skin and measures wrinkle depth.

With the Elixir:

[-27%] wrinkles volume after 10 minutes



Plumping – Cutometry

The plumping power is measured in vivo using a cutometer. By generating suction on a skin area, this device allows to measure skin firmness and elasticity.

With the Serum:

[+19.1%] firmness

[+10.6%] viscoelasticity


Moisturizing - Corneometry

The moisturizing power is measured in vivo, using a corneometer. This device indicates the moisture level within the epidermis (stratum corneum) by measuring its electric properties. Skin moisture is first measured upon product application, and every two hours, in order to evaluate both instant and long-term moisturization.

With the Intense Cream:

[+50.9%] moisture after 30 minutes

[+26.5%] moisture after 8 hours

Moisturizing Cream


Cleansing – Instrumental measurement

The removing of carbon particles is measured in vivo, by analyzing high-definition images before and after cleansing.

With the Cleansing Foam:

[99.9%] pollution particles eliminated

 Cleansing Foam


Antipollution – Immunostaining

Atmospheric pollution has a direct impact on skin health. It generates oxidative stress, that is deleterious to skin cells. Our scientists have identified two molecules, used as markers of pollution-induced stress: the AhR receptor and the MT-1H protein.

The anti-pollution efficacy of SYHA skincare was tested ex vivo, by exposing skin to a pollution mixture composed of hydrocarbons, heavy metals and diesel particles.

During these tests, AhR and MT-1H levels are quantified within skin tissues using an immunostaining technique. This technique consists in coloring AhR and MT-1H molecules within skin tissues exposed to pollution.

With the Light Cream:

[100%] harmful effects of pollution inhibited 

 Antipollution Cream


Blue light protection – Immunostaining

Our screens emit blue light radiations whose energy is close to UV rays. As a result, overexposure to blue light – unavoidable nowadays – leads to premature photoaging of the skin. Our scientists have identified two molecules, used as markers of blue light-induced stress: the 8-OHdG molecule, a product of DNA oxidation, and the MMP-1 enzyme, responsible for collagen degradation.

The efficacy of SYHA’s blue-light blocking skincare was assessed ex vivo. During these tests, 8-OHdG and MMP-1 levels were quantified within skin tissues using an immunostaining technique. This technique consists in coloring 8-OHdG and MMP-1 molecules, within skin tissues exposed to blue light.

With the Serum:

[100%] harmful effects of blue light inhibited 

Blue light protection Serum


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